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Individual, Collaborative, and Integrative Approach

Through an individual, collaborative, and integrative approach, we apply therapeutic practices and advanced technologies to alleviate suffering and fortify resilience.

Through our mission, we provide clients the opportunity for growth by:

Strengthening individuals and families as the core of healthy society, maximizing healthy attachments and boundaries.

Honestly dialoging with clients about their worldview, including spiritual beliefs, economic status, family systems, cultural customs and social relations bringing to bear all of a client’s resources.

Using advanced and emerging technology such as Biofeedback, EEG, and related systems to attune heart, brain and other physiological activity for optimal functioning by targeting specific patterns, areas, and networks, training toward long-term health and satisfaction.

We define success as enhancing the ability to further this mission.

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Our mission is at the core of each client's individualized treatment.
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