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The Dreampad™ delivers music through gentle, calming vibrations which only you can hear. The music is carried by your body to the inner ear and nervous system to give you a truly relaxing experience for both body and mind.Reduce stress and improve sleepReduce auditory hyper-sensitivitiesHeadphones and headbands not needed‘Private’ music – only you can hear it

Five music programs come with each Dreampad.  You may purchase the Dreampad and download the music to your own device, or purchase the optional pre-loaded MP3 player.

It’s easy to use. Connect the player to a cord within the zippered pocket of the Dreampad, set your volume and press Play.  Put the player in the zippered pocket, place the Dreampad within your own pillow’s case, or use it on its own. 

The quilted cover on the Dreampad is removable and washable. Additionally, fitted pillowcases are available as an accessory. 

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For more information or to order call or office at (509) 891-5900.