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This new technology is the result of years of study by Nicholas Dogris, Ph.D. into the energetic art and science of balancing the human body so as to promote health and wellness.

NeuroField theory is based on the premise that the human brain emits a field of energy that extends outside the skull. This field of energy is theorized to be an interactive conduit that can travel to any region in the body.

When tissue is damaged the molecular configuration of the tissue becomes deficient in electrons which makes it difficult for the body to engage its own natural healing ability.

The NeuroField system is primarily designed to reduce stress, replenish depleted or missing energy and energetically balance the human body.

When a person becomes imbalanced they become susceptible to many different types of illnesses. NeuroField is designed to strengthen the body and promote healthy, balanced states, so as to allow the body to engage its own restorative systems and return to a balanced, homeostatic state.

NeuroField was designed to re-charge the damaged molecular systems, which in turn, allows the body to engage its own restorative systems so as to return to a balanced, homeostatic state. The natural healing wisdom of the human body is complex, adaptive, fluid and intelligent.

NeuroField achieves this by delivering small electrical pulses to the energy field that is generated by the human brain. The energy field created by the brain can absorb energy and deliver it to damaged molecular systems in the body. Once the molecular systems are repaired, the body’s innate wisdom promotes a state of health and wellbeing.

Side benefits to NeuroField processing have included reductions in various symptoms associated with client issues such as;  pain, lack of focus, anxiety, etc. Many beneficial NeuroField side effects are somewhat similar to LENS’.  As a result these two technologies compliment each other as well as the other modalities used at NeuroPaths to promote the relaxation and optimization of peak performance for our clients.

*** NeuroField is not a medical device, does not treat medical illness, and does not diagnose medical problems. NeuroField is a energy replenishment and stress reduction system.


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